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To Cân Elenydd

Beautifully crafted atmosphere for those memories and brilliant timing of the event. Congratulations !

Thank you – such a moving intimate dedication and so beautifully crafted.

Wnes i fwynhau’r rhaglen yn enfawr – y gelf , y gerddoriaeth a’r llythyrau diddorol ond trist

Congratulations. Excellent work.

I recommend that you watch this beautiful and moving film by my totally brilliant friend Sianed Jones. Drawn from family letters from the !st World War, with original music and art, a collaboration, a creative, live act of remembrance. The past drawn in to the present and the present in to the past. What a totally fantastic achievement.

It was an amazing collaborative piece.

Wow Sianed Jones !!! It’s so complex and moving and beautiful. I want to watch it many more times there is so much in it. Thank you and well bloody done for getting that vision realized and getting it on the telly !!!

It is brilliant !!!!

Fabulous to see and hear this.

Sianed’s voice, vision and playing were inspiring. She tasked me with holding a healing intent as I worked. Artist Maria Hayes

A very poignant film.

Delweddau, cerddoriaeth , archif a hanes – ond hefyd naws arbennig. Dylet ti fod yn falch iawn o dy hun. Llongyfarchiadau i pawb ar y criw.

Millions of congratulations on your intensely atmospheric and touching film. What a powerful day to screen it too !

I absolutely loved your film. It is beautiful, poignant and visually stunning for telly. The sound track was moving especially the music. Wonderful.

It is really moving, what a wonderful tribute to the people involved and the letters and I wonder what happened to Mr J R Owen. Beautiful music too.

Face like a snowdrop. So poignant. What an extraordinary project full of care dedication emotion and creativity. Thank you

Fab fab fab

This is a complex, poignant, moving and beautiful meditation on life, war, memory and remembrance.

Yes, complex, very very clever and moving. The Welsh singing of the letters is hauntingly beautiful.

Extraordinary programme honouring family memory loss joy hope love war and cherishing memory . Innovative and tender. Congratulations. Beautiful creative story telling.

Don’t miss the 2nd airing of this extraordinary imagining by Sianed Jones. I think it takes something unconventional, beautiful, imaginative to do justice to the tragedy of war and this piece achieved that. Such a moving film: the music, the photographs, the live earthy drawing; the juxtaposition of the trenches & the green Welsh valleys, the silhouette of the carried harp looking oddly like the black-cloaked figure of Death against the emerald green; the sparse, haunted letters from the front; the poignantly innocent parasols of home; the tiny treats snatched from the jaws of death. I was immersed, and also inspired to create. Thanks to Sianed Jones, Maria Hayes, Jake Whittaker, and everyone else.

Truly fabulous not least the way Mary Lloyd Jones’ stunning work was overlayed in/on the landacape. So many creative layers and project partners. The sound of the harp was enchantingly beautiful.

I really enjoyed watching Can Elenydd on the tele. It was very exciting to see and hear you and so many friends on the box!

I loved it again. Loved the way you sang for your aunty, dear aunty and that’s what we were left with. Her love. and the green land, our land. You helped us understand the loss in another way. And the music was sublime. Diolch o galon

 It is about as near to perfection as I think it could get.  Above all the music, and performance, wonderful voice, wonderful movement in tonalities, and the playing very rich.  This will definitely stand on its own.  I love the directness and the understatedness in your use of the text, choice of words to use, contrast of the sources in the score etc. etc. The filming also gorgeous, with the ‘future/now’ on the low horizon and the ‘past/now’ in the rural settings.  It’s a beautiful war memorial piece, so very unlike the pious nostalgia efforts often presented. A great achievement. Congratulations! I very much hope you are being showered with plaudits.

Beautiful and poignant, and what a gorgeous ending…. diolch yn fawr iawn.

Beautiful and amazing in so many ways. Congratulations 

Stunning visual and sonic poem to your ancestry and land…your voice soared at times.

Reflecting on how these stories live through us out of time and how we weave our own around them.

absolutely loved it. Very moving and beautiful singing. Great music. Congratulations to all of you.

Very interesting and evocative. Beautiful photography and music.

This is amazing. Thank you! It’s all incredible. Such an amazing story.

Your singing is incredible throughout this film , those high and sustained notes are pretty incredible too and the music of the whole piece is so uplifting and constantly full of surprises . The filming is great too although I felt like stopping to make the other fellow carry the harp for a bit :@) least the harp carrier had a rest at the bridge … The repetition of shots of the soldier’s feet were mesmerising and went so well with the recitations and song … The colour of Mary’s paintings worked so well and intertwined with the field imagery as did Maria’s drawing … recalling for me cells, beginnings, life/ a wreath /tunnel /lifecycles … ahh and that shot after of the foxgloves great link . I loved the lark song and to see that mountain road open out through that valley was such a pleasure. Was that a significant house on the side of that road ? Beautiful landscape , is it near where you were brought up ? I loved too the harping and the harmonium has an equally sensitive and dream-like touch. Your mother’s paintings look great and work very nicely with everything and her ringed hands are a great anchor ( no pun intended relating to their weight !) for the sequences and in the film layering. The entire piece was mesmerising. the impact of the piece ultimately for me brought home the emotion around the sentiments and stories expressed and sense of loss as well as the excitement of discovery and the thrill of walking in the footsteps and retracing the lines of connection in your family and those people of that era, a generation back …

Big Congratulations! What a beautiful piece. Very moving and a brilliant synthesis of music, image and narrative.. I really loved the way the soundtrack worked with the visual world and the spaciousness and time given to each element Amazing.

It is fantastic, exquisite and so SO moving… What a way to honour your ancestors!! Huge appreciation for your absolute mastery and skill.

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