Cân Elenydd at Wales International online Film Festival 15th September – 19th September 2021

Composer Sianed Jones has collaborated with her mother artist Mary Lloyd Jones, video artist Jacob Whittaker, live visual artist Maria Hayes and assistant director Louise Wells to creat a song cycle that reaches back into her family history.

The multi layering of video suggests the present reaching into the past to guide and protect. The WW1 letters read against the backdrop of war are in contrast to the images of figures walking on hillsides and woodlands. The harp carriers merge with Mary Lloyd Jones’s paintings giving a visceral connection with the landscape and the harp music.

Go to the Wales International Film Festival login / register

Click on Screening blocks
Scroll down until you find Experimental Film category

You will find Cân Elenydd film just there

Buy your tickets sit back relax and enjoy the show.

It is available to watch  from 01:00 15th september until 00:59 on the 19th september
English subtitles are available.

ENJOY ! from  Cwmni Ceiro

Next Project in the pipeline………

Next project in the pipeline…. Inner Landscapes / Under the Surface / Odan y Wyneb (working titles).

Following on from the success of Cân Elenydd, the same Cwmni Ceiro team (composer Sianed Jones, artist Jacob Whittaker, co-director Louise Wells, artist Maria Hayes and artist Mary Lloyd Jones) will collaborate together with the addition of dancer / singer / Mary Ann-Roberts. The project will explore the visual, aural and comedic territories of Sianed’s discovery and treatment of her ovarian cancer.

Cân Elenydd Broadcast

Cân Elenydd Song Cycle / Video Art was broadcast on Welsh channel 4 S4C

on Remembrance Sunday and Armistice day and was available on BBC iplayer in 2020

Composer Sianed Jones collaborates with artists Jacob Whittaker, Mary Lloyd Jones and Maria Hayes

Cân Elenydd conjures a family mythology forged across three generations.